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Different sized right-hand page in facing pages?

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I'm working on a facing pages document and want to change the right hand page side so that I can use a pull out (11 X 17) page for illustrations.
When I try, both left and right pages change size (I'm sure the previous 8 1/2 X 11 page would complain). Is there any way to change a single page in this mode?
Thank you


this happens when you have a spread selected instead of a page in the pages panel. Try double clicking on the page thumbnail.



Thank you for your reply.
I did manage to determine the method for tricking the pages but now have to deal with printing to a Minolta C353 that will not change page sizes if I select 2-sided print (1-sided is fine).
I'm running a trial version I installed the other day and am hoping that I can produce a result for the company that will justify the purchase. So far I've found that I do like the plugin and find it easy to use. Printing two sheets of paper will clinch the deal.
I have tried contacting Minolta but no answer yet...
Thank you once again...

Are you printing using the "Print different sizes separately" feature? Do the pagesizes assign to paper sizes ( = print profiles) correctly in the dialog?

This is a very good use, I use it.


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