Author Topic: Vertical Page Alignment Trouble - Note for Developers of this software  (Read 5889 times)


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I am designing a set of graphics for a large format display with panels that butt together seamlessly and use page control to create the different heights and widths of the display at a quarter size for production purposes. The tool, in general is perfect for this but my main criticism is the vertical page alignment feature. This could be made far simpler for users to have the option of "Align top of pages" or "Align bottom of pages" as when I am trying to figure the formula of what each centre has to be for a 621.25mm high page and a 743.75mm page to get the bases to line up is nearly impossible. I have the calcluation now as 249.375mm and they still do not really line up (but it is good enough for my job).

All I can say is: Developers, please note for future releases as this is vital for people designing banners/exhibitions etc. or just wanting to align pages in a plain and simple way without all the maths headaches!!

Thanks for listening.  :)


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Re: Vertical Page Alignment Trouble - Note for Developers of this software
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2008, 04:23:38 PM »

Thanks for your feedback. The alignemt is a bit tricky, it is difficult to decide what to align with what.  The custom offset number is the distance between the top of the page and center of the spread. Half of the page height centers the page on the spread - if you enter 0 into all of these, your tops are alligned, if you anter page height, bottoms will line up.

Automatic alligning of entire spread sounds like a nice feature we can add to the next update after 2.2 though, so stay tuned.